Go-Live Proposal for Distributed Privacy-Preserving AI Network PlatON Mainnet Approved

Go-Live Proposal for Distributed Privacy-Preserving AI Network PlatON Mainnet Approved

At 19:21, March 18th Beijing time, PIP-15, the mainnet go-live proposal initiated by enthusiastic community members, was officially approved with 100% support with over 85% of validator partners participating in the voting. The LatticeX Foundation will confer with multiple participants, including validators, developers, partners, and community members, to determine the exact timing of the launch of the PlatON mainnet, a distributed privacy-preserving AI network facing the world.

High-performance networks for business

Since the publication of the PlatON White Paper in San Francisco in July 2018, it has been two and a half years of iterative development as well as eight months of technical testing on the Baleyworld Test Net and five months of operational validation on the Alaya Pilot Network to prepare for the PlatON mainnet to go-live. The development of the underlying network and peripheral tools is now complete and is in the final testing and simulation phase.

PlatON takes a rigorous and pragmatic technical approach, first ensuring security, then striking a balance between decentralization and scalability to ensure the realization of the design goal of full commercialization.

In the performance test of the stable version of the underlying network, the average TPS of native Token transfer is 9604 and the peak reaches 14755; in the performance test of key-value contract transfer, the average TPS of key-value contract called by PlatON-EVM is 5237 and the maximum is 6304; the average TPS of key-value contract called by PlatON-WASM is 3297 and the maximum is 3797.

Based on the high-performance parallel consensus mechanism of Byzantine Fault Tolerance, the performance is more than sufficient to meet its transaction throughput requirements in general business application scenarios.

Privacy computation infrastructure is gradually implementing

In addition to having accomplished its goals in blockchain technology implementation, PlatON, as a global pioneer and leader in the field of privacy-preserving computation, has been gradually implementing its cryptography-based privacy computation infrastructure and applications.

In the past three years:

PlatON released the world’s first privacy contract based on secure multi-party computation (MPC), enabling the best exploration of cryptographic algorithms for blockchain applications.

PlatON pioneered the world’s first scalability solution based on verifiable computation, providing a technical solution to address the scalability of distributed computing networks and the effective circulation of computation value.

PlatON’s new MPC-based digital asset custody service KeyShard has been officially launched, through which PlatON provides its partners with a more secure, flexible and easy-to-use digital asset custody SaaS service. KeyShard eliminates the appearance of the complete private keys, thus fundamentally preventing the risk of private key theft or misuse and greatly enhancing the user’s control over the private key and the security of digital assets.

PlatON formally proposed a standard interface realizing privacy Token contracts, which employs WASM smart contracts to support privacy Tokens, and enables anonymization of standard Token transfers. It also gets rid of the ECDSA algorithm in user identity, and then implements a new user identity algorithm by using cryptography technology.

After the launch of PlatON’s mainnet, PlatON will also aim to build a future-oriented marketplace for data, algorithm model, and computing power. By continuously promoting the construction of the privacy computing network, PlatON will contribute to the true realization of the compliant circulation of data around the world.

Actively promote the building of data ecology

After the launch of PlatON’s mainnet, LatticeX Foundation will continue to deepen its ecology building efforts, continue to fund global developers through the Grants Program, vigorously build the developer community, simultaneously launch various types of ecological cooperation, and carry out marketing and community outreach through the Global Ambassador Program.

PlatON will focus on encouraging and supporting innovative applications for privacy computation, data trade, algorithms and computing power trading under the Grants Program. After applying to the LatticeX Foundation and getting approved, developers can receive LAT or other forms of funding.

PlatON is the first in the world to introduce the concept of a privacy computing network and positions itself as a provider of the underlying infrastructure, which is a unique position and a core strength of the PlatON. The launch of PlatON’s mainnet is an important step forward in the realization of this vision, but the construction of the entire ecosystem will depend on the participation of all types of eco-developers. Therefore, LatticeX Foundation welcomes the talents from the global data ecosystem to actively participate in PlatON’s data ecosystem and jointly promote the formation of a fully compliant global data circulation market.

PlatON mainnet, a distributed privacy-preserving AI network facing the world, will be officially launched soon. A new paradigm of data application has been ushered in, let’s welcome and embrace the new future of the all-digital era together.

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