[Important Announcement] Samurai 8.1.1 Update Announcement (20210902)

[Important Announcement] Samurai 8.1.1 Update Announcement (20210902)


Due to the migration of the PlatON Dev Network nodes on September 1, 2021, however, the original release of Samurai had the PlatON Dev Network and Alaya Dev Network nodes configured using ip addresses, resulting in the PlatON Dev Network currently being unavailable in Samurai 8.1.0 and prior versions.


Samurai version 8.1.1 will correct the way nodes are configured, with the following main changes.

1, PlatON Dev Network rpc address (https://devnetopenapi.platon.network/rpc).

2, PlatON Dev Network Faucet address (https://faucet.platon.network/faucet/?id=e5d32df10aee11ec911142010a667c03)

3, Alaya Dev Network rpc address (https://devnetopenapi.alaya.network/rpc).


Warm Prompt: For the security of your wallet, please ensure that all wallet private keys and helper words within Samurai are backed up!

It is recommended to keep the original Samurai application in Chrome and to turn it off in Chrome extensions: !


Samurai 8.1.1. download link: https://github.com/AlayaNetwork/Samurai/releases/download/v8.1.1/samurai-chrome-8.1.1.zip

Samurai installation guide details at:

Remaining issues

The mnemonic between Samurai and ATON is not compatible at this time, please import via the wallet private key if required.

This article is reproduced from https://forum.latticex.foundation/t/topic/5546

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