Design Your PlatON’s Badge #PlatONNFT

Design Your PlatON’s Badge #PlatONNFT

Recently, LatticeX Foundation officially kicks off the “PlatON-NFT” design solicitation event. Participants have the opportunity to gain exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFT) cast by the Foundation on PlatON, as well as generous prizes.

Solicitation Rules and Selection Details

LatticeX Foundation is now soliciting designs of NFT on the PlatON mainnet from communities, artists, creatives, and cryptocurrency designers. PlatON will issue different NFTs according to the specific identities. The NFTs solicited this time include the following types:

  1. Alaya node badge
  2. PlatON node badge
  3. PlatON Community Badge
  4. PlatON Mainnet Genesis badge

From now to May 10th, you can post your works (with the NFT type of your design specified) to the LatticeX forum or share your works (with the NFT type specified) on Twitter with #PlatONNFT. Winners will get one limited-edition NFT cast in your design and 1,500 LAT as rewards. There is no limit on the type or number of NFT works submitted by participants.

LatticeX Foundation will review all works uploaded to the forum and will select some that meet the event requirements and display them on PlatON’s official Twitter.

Solicitation Period

  1. Submission period: Until May 10th
  2. Work review period: May 10th-May 15th
  3. Design requirements and evaluation criteria:
  • The work must be consistent with the typical characteristics of its NFT type.
  • There is no limit on the design style, expression form, or the software applied. The resolution of the work should be 1200*1200 pixels, and the image should be larger than 500KB in the format of png or svg.
  • The uploaded work must be completely original, and should not get involved in plagiarism or any other copyright issues. LatticeX Foundation reserves the right to disqualify participants for works whose authenticity or originality cannot be verified.
  • During the review period, a voting post will be initiated in the forum right after the submission period is over. Both the expert committee’s opinions and community users’ votes are equally important to the selection of winners. The final result will be publicized on PlatON’s official account, forum, Medium, Twitter and other channels.

NFT Issuance

Once a participant submits an entry, it means he or she allows the Foundation to display and share it on all social media platforms and public channels and authorizes the Foundation to display, copy or use the work and to cast and publish multiple NFTs of the work.

After the solicitation is over, we will issue NFTs in the next few weeks, and each winner will receive a corresponding NFT prize. Since this issuance is to commemorate the launch of the PlatON mainnet, all NFTs will be issued once only and be given as gifts.

LatticeX Foundation reserves the final interpretation of this event.

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