Lumino,the secure multiparty computing ceremony of PlatON is officially launched

Lumino,the secure multiparty computing ceremony of PlatON  is officially launched

Today, Lumino,the secure multiparty computing ceremony of PlatON is officially launched. It will last for 60 days. Technology lovers from all over the world will burst out the wisdom of “computing” here. With the power of cryptography and blockchain technology, a new order of underlying security will emerge.

Since launched the recruitment of Lumino,a secure multiparty computing ceremony, it has received extensive attention from cryptography and blockchain enthusiasts all over the world. We have received nearly 100 e-mails from technology geeks. Currently, the recruitment is still in progress. Please refer to the end of the article for the registration method. Links related to the ceremony are as follows:

Open-source code and software download addresses:

Home page of Lumino ceremony :

Build the rock of infrastructure for Privacy protection

The privacy AI Computing Network of PlatON aims to build a decentralized ,collaborative artificial intelligence networks and global brains, democratize AI and build secure general AI, which will be based on zero knowledge proof (ZKP) to build decentralized privacy protection infrastructure.However, in most of the existing efficient zero-knowledge algorithms, it is necessary to create system parameters in a centralized way, and the centralized third party that creates the parameter can forge the proof, thus breaking the underlying security on PlatON /Alaya.

The significance of Lumino is to jointly generate the system parameters of zero-knowledge proof algorithm through the way of secure multi-party calculation (this activity is mainly aimed at PLONK algorithm). Secure multi-party calculation is a cryptographic protocol which is jointly calculated by multiple participants and ensures the input privacy of each participant.In the process of Lumino ,the participants generate secret values locally, and secure multi-party computing protocol is used to generate system parameters of zero-knowledge proof, so as to ensure that the parameters are not controlled by a single party. System parameters are a series of data that need to be calculated in advance for the smooth operation of the whole algorithm. Therefore, the more participants in the activity, the more secure the generated parameters are.

At present, most efficient zero-knowledge proof algorithms are designed based on elliptic curves. BN254 and BLS12-381 are two elliptic curves currently in use. In this Lumino ceremony, there will be BN254 curve group and BLS12-381 curve group for you to choose to join.

As for how to make sure the results are secure, Lumino performs in a sequential manner, with each participant taking turns to run the relevant program locally to generate the parameters. At the same time, the entire protocol provides a mechanism for verification. If a participant does not follow the program normally to generate a parameter , it is detected and the parameter is discarded.

Each participant will randomize the parameters by local random number, so even if only one participant is honest, the final generated parameters are random, so as to ensure the security of the overall parameters. In order to make Lumino’s process more open, verifiable and transparent, each round of calculation information will be recorded on the Alaya blockchain.

Joint efforts to promote the construction of privacy security to a higher level

Lumino’s vision from the start was to connect the world’s cryptographic geeks to become pioneers and witnesses to building a private computing infrastructure, This is not only an activity, but also a ceremony.We changed from a centralized way of generating system parameters to a distributed way. In a truly community-based, open source blockchain ecosystem, every participant is the most critical link, and every participant will make the bottom safer. This will be a kind of collective wisdom full of ritual.

Lumino is the cornerstone of subsequent decentralized privacy protection applications based on zero-knowledge proof. Only when this activity is completed safely, subsequent decentralized applications will be more secure. The difference from other types of ceremonies is that the Groth16 algorithm used by other types of ceremonies requires an MPC Ceremony to be run once for different applications. Lumino is based on PLONK, and only this activity is required for all subsequent applications.

We sincerely invite global cryptography and blockchain geeks to participate in the construction of private computing infrastructure. The LatticeX Foundation will provide Lumino participants with approximately 40 Google Cloud machine resources. After the Lumino ceremony, we will send you a Lumino ceremony commemorative gift to thank you for your outstanding contribution.

The way of participation

Sending an email to the LatticeX Foundation:

Please fill in the following information:

  • Name(Nickname)
  • The network address of Alaya(In order to reduce the risk, please choose the address with ATP zero)
  • Mailing address (gift mailing address)
  • Which calculation group do you want to join (BN254 curve group or BLS12-381 curve group, or both )
  • Do you want to apply for cloud resource incentives

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