PlatONWorld — The base of PlatON’s long-term ecologicalists !

PlatONWorld -- The base of PlatON's long-term ecologicalists !

About us is a multilingual, resource-oriented and content-driven growth community platform for members and users of the PlatON and Alaya ecosystem worldwide, as well as a partner of PlatON Node . Based on the global vision of the Latticex Foundation and the forward-looking application of private computing technology, PlatONWorld will focus on English, supplemented by other languages, to establish a communication channel for global users to quickly learn and understand related information of PlatON and Alaya, as well as a bridge to quickly participate in ecological applications and activities. It is also a community interaction platform for enthusiasts. In addition, PlatONWorld will assist in the branding and promotion of PlatON and Alaya, so that more users outside the blockchain industry can understand the value of private computing in the future.

Our wish – the base of long-term ecologists

We participated in the first round in 2018 and the third round in 2021 of the PlatON(LAT) pre-orders,PlatONWorld is jointly founded by a group of HODL of blockchain world. The background and experience of the sponsors cover multiple fields, such as blockchain research and development and investment, Internet products and operations, enterprise-level digital intelligent consulting and implementation, brand strategy and marketing communication, etc.

Since 2018, many sponsors have been paying attention to and following up on privacy computing related technologies and PlatON project. They continue to learn from PlatON team and the TOP companies in many traditional industries to deeply study the application patterns and scenarios.

Basicly, with a deep insight into the development trend of cross-border decentralization of blockchain, the rigid demand of global digital intelligent development for privacy protection technology, and the huge catalytic effect and business potential of privacy computing on big data and AI, the team of platONWorld is committed to helping the latticex foundation to cultivate and develop the ecosystem related to PlatON with the attitude of “long-term advocate”, Expand application scenarios, expand consensus, and jointly realize the future of privacy AI.

Our team

The core members of the team all have strong industry capabilities and complement each other. The overall business capabilities of PlatONWorld are not limited to the blockchain industry, and other teams have incomparable experience and team advantages in terms of comprehensive business capabilities outside the blockchain industry.

  • The team’s blockchain industry experience. The core members of the team started their Bitcoin business in 2013. During the process, they have operated APP, DAPP, DEFI, exchange, public chain, mining machine, chip, cold wallet, C2C, node, POS payment and other projects. They have a comprehensive understanding and operation experience in each business field.
  • Team brand marketing experience. Core members with 4A background, familiar with brand marketing and promotion in traditional industries, have unique insights on brand value and communication. With more than 60 million users in operation, traditional enterprise marketing operators can effectively insight into user behavior and market trends, and make precise strikes with better combination of existing resources.
  • Team’s traditional IT business experience. Team of enterprise IT information service experience, familiar with China and all kinds of integration of IT technology and Saas from all over the world works, and enterprise customers pain points and collaborating elements, digital assets of the enterprise, the data assets and demand of digital transformation has a profound understanding and insight, can effectively into the enterprise internal, by the high quality project management ability, Assist enterprises to plan and implement large digital intelligent projects. Based on the excellent privacy AI technology of PlatON and Alaya, help enterprises to realize real digital empowerment.

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