Alaya AIP-17 Proposal Receives High Vote for Network Upgrade to Version 0.16.0

Alaya AIP-17 Proposal Receives High Vote for Network Upgrade to Version 0.16.0

Since the launch of the AIP-17 proposal, the support rate has exceeded 92% as of today, and the proposal has now been approved with a high number of votes, with an expected effective date of August 2, 2021.

The proposal focuses on the Alaya network optimization upgrade to version 0.16.0 to improve the quality of network services.

Details of this update are as follows.

Optimization features

  1. The node process name is modified from the original [platon] to [alaya], and the parameter — [alaya] no longer needs to be specified in the start command.
  2. Optimize the transaction propagation policy, for nodes that do not broadcast transactions directly, send the transaction hash value #1780
  3. Support the feature of RPC return chainid (refer to EIP-695)
  4. Alayakey tool optimization, genblskeypair command output BlsProof
  5. According to the community proposal for Alaya network randomness election node out of the block, the cumulative binomial distribution function expectation value to make adjustments, discussion please go to the forum:
  6. Support for specifying the current network address prefix hrp when creating a network:
i. Support specifying hrp in the Genesis block, hrp should conform to bech32 specificationii. When the network is initialized, the hrp will be recorded in the Genesis blockiii. except for Alaya main network, other chainid does not bind hrp to avoid other problems caused by different hrp settings of each nodeiv. hrp is defaulted to atp when it is not specifiedv. The platon account new/alayakey generate/alayakey generate command supports passing in hrp, and the default value is atp when it is not alayakey subcommand updateaddress supports converting any eip55 or bech32 address to the target address, the target address hrp needs to be entered manually, the default value is used when it is not entered.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixes node information error caused by total weight error issue when re-returning to verifier after node is locked due to zero-out block penalty
  2. Fix issue with the prevaluation Gas interface where you have to pass in gasPrice to prevaluate a governance contract #1758
  3. Fix [call] call occasionally returning -32000 error code #1769
  4. Repair the problem of error in the logic of judging the extra field of Genesis block#1757 !
  5. Repair the problem of incorrect platon_caller value when WASM is called across contracts issue-1779
  6. Repair the WASM memory overflow problem when calling platon_block_hash issue-1724
  7. Repair the account error caused by the bug that the entrusted revenue cannot be collected issue-1583

Note: This upgrade will be compatible with historical data and requires on-chain governance upgrade.

Currently, the online HACKATHON initiated by PlatON, the privacy AI computing network, is ongoing at Hackerlink, the DoraHacks developer platform. This Alaya network upgrade will also further solidify the network’s basic functional completeness, security, and ease of use to better support the development of the PlatON hackathon.

Alaya as the pioneer network and testing ground of PlatON, all inspirations and experiments will be carried out first in Alaya development test network/Alaya main network. This hackathon is set up by PlatON with a PRIZE POOL OF $170,000 to encourage global developers to contribute ideas and early projects to PlatON/Alaya ecology.


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