Daily View | Friday November 19

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10,250,000,000 2,247,330,000 26.28% 1,218,403,887.68 60,560
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【10 days node data】

November 19201167117
November 18201167117
November 17 201157117
November 16201157117
November 15 201147117
November 14 201147117
November 13201148116
November 12201148116
November 11 201 14 8 116
November 10201138116
Data source: https://scan.platon.network/

【Industry News】

5G is the infrastructure of the “meta universe” concept

According to news on November 18, regarding the investment strategy of the TMT industry in 2022, Wu Chao, the director of the China Securities Investment Research Institute and the chief analyst of TMT, said that 5G applications are gradually approaching, and localization is from zero to one. The future development of 5G applications is huge. Based on the capital expenditure of about 1 trillion or more in the Chinese market, the future business model innovation of 5G application extension will bring more than trillions of market opportunities. In terms of the industrial chain, 5G will have more applications in the To B field in the future. In addition, 5G is the infrastructure of the “meta universe” concept, and is a bridge connecting the real world with the virtual world.

South Korea’s National Assembly proposes a bill on the virtual currency industry, requiring companies to conduct stricter scrutiny on crypto transactions

On November 18th, the South Korean Congress proposed a bill on the virtual currency industry that will require stricter review of virtual currency transactions by companies. The bill is called “Know-the-sender” (KTS) and requires knowledge of the identity of the sender of cryptocurrency. Some lawmakers believe that this will only stifle growth and innovation in the encryption field. The bill became the subject of intense debate in the South Korean parliament, and legislators and some blockchain industry experts put forward arguments against the bill becoming law to the parliamentary political affairs committee. Lawyer Yoon Jong-soo believes that as digital currencies become more and more popular, it will become more difficult or even more expensive to verify the identity of the sender, and companies have to bear the burden of additional costs.

Daily View | Friday November 19


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