PlatON AIR #2 | Conversation – Liang Xinjun

PlatON AIR #2 | Conversation - Liang Xinjun

We are pleased to invite Liang Xinjun and fishkiller to join our spaces at 11.30 AM(UTC) on July 29th. Liang is former Co-Founder of FOSUN Group, Board Member and Chief Advisor of LatticeX_SGP. Liu is Chief Editor of ChainNewscom.

Task: Follow PlatON_Network, RT & TAG 3 friends Comment questions you want to ask Liang. 100 $LAT * 20 Lucky Draw 200 $LAT * 5 Questions.

At the end of the spaces live stream, there will be a Q&A session for the audience. Audience members who ask questions will be rewarded with 500 $LAT.

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