ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

To our lovely ShowMers !
In the second half of May, ShowMe continued its roadmap journey and achieved great results!

  • ShowMe has reached partnership with ETH SHANGHAI and SlowMist in the past 2 weeks ;
  • ShowMe has organized and participated in multiple AMAs with some potential projects ;
  • All the NFT badges could be claimed on the Drop page, go and get yours !
  • There will be series of events in the upcoming weeks, please stay tuned.

We’ve conducted events on various community platforms and we also surpassed 29,000 followers on Twitter!😎
Finally, we would love to thank the community members, strategic partners and investors for your continuous support! ❤️

Monthly Claimable NFT Announcement

Since the issuance cycle of various NFT badges is adjusted to once a month, all ShowMers please pay attention to the time of NFT collection. The NFTs that can be claimed this month have been updated. Please go to the drop page to claim it.
If you have any questions, please ask in the Discord channel. Thank you for your support.



ETH Shanghai Web3 Developer Summit just started on May 20th. As the supporter, ShowMe will provide the winners of this hackathon with exclusive NFT badges to prove their achievements.
@VitalikButerin also attended and spoke at the summit, he mentioned that “DeFi is good but I think we need more non financial blockchain applications”. ShowMe will flourish in this regard, and the parent company Hogwarts Labs will also incubate more DApps.
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe x ETH SHANGHAI

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

2 ShowMe x SlowMist

ShowMe is glad to reach the partnership with @SlowMist_Team, which is a blockchain security firm established in January 2018, their goal is to make the blockchain ecosystem as secure as possible.
We will collab to secure the blockchain industry and build a safer environment for everyone 💪
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe will support Web3 security with SlowMist

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30


1 ShowMe x CoolMining Airdrop Lucky Draw Event

CooMining has carried out $10,000 airdrop through the ShowMe lucky draw event.
CoolMining is an on-chain simulation game based on real-life hash power. There are many different gameplays and every player has a chance to earn BTC rewards. CoolMining prepared $5,000 COOGA and 40 NFT spots worth $5,000 for all ShowMers, which has distributed through this Lucky Draw Event.
Thanks for all ShowMer’s support ❤️
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: CoolMining Airdrop Lucky Draw Event Starts NOW

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

Community Event

1 Hogwarts Labs x ShowMe 2nd Workshop & Recap

DAO is a very hot topic, so what is the current DAO tool ecosystem and what projects are worth participating in? Our members from Hogwarts Labs will tell you the answer with series of workshop.
In the 2nd workshop we discussed the DAO treasury tools, which have grown significantly over the past year. The top protocol DAOs have over 14B in combined treasury assets. Go and know more infos below 👇
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: Dao Treasury Management Tools

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

2 ShowMe x IVS AMA

ShowMe and Infinite Virtual Space(IVS) has discussed how could SocialFi combine with Metaverse. IVS is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform and is committed to building an integrated framework for Metaverse.
Based on the SocialFi data and the on-chain personal credit system behind it, Metaverse could onboard more users to participate in seamlessly. ShowMe is committed to accumulate more data by NFT and benefit either creators or users.
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: How to combine with Metaverse

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

3 ShowMe x BOOM AMA

Recently, many new products have appeared on the SocialFi track. As a representative of excellent products, ShowMe attended the AMA discussion on SocialFi, and fully discussed the advantages of SocialFi and when it will explode on a large scale.
Although the volume of this track is still small at present, ShowMe believes that with the participation of more users and the development of APP products, the outbreak of SocialFi will be in the next cycle.
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: SocialFi will be the next trend

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

4 ShowMe Your Pizza Today

🍕On the #BitcoinPizzaDay, ShowMe did a small event on Twitter and received nearly 100 shares. We have picked the winner and will send it out on the NFT release day next month. Thank you for your participation.
ShowMe to da moon 🌙
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: ShowMe Bitcoin Pizza Day

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

Pioneer Masterpiece Display

1 Great Content + Amazing Video + Valuable Sharing + MEME

Pioneer continues to contribute to the spread of ShowMe, including marketing, article writing, material translation, video production, MEME etc. Here are some excellent showcases, shout out ShowMe Pioneers ❤️
➡️ Link to the Twitter original: 1- Club | 2- MEME | 3- Video | 4- Content

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

Please stay tuned for all the events😜

We Are Hiring

If you are interested in joining Web3 and building with ShowMe, feel free to contact: ShowMe, we’re hiring

ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: May 16– May 30

About ShowMe

ShowMe is a subscription NFT social network built on Web3.0 that supports creators to set a variety of subscription methods for entering the Club. In the long run, ShowMe expects to serve creators through excellent products to benefit users by returning data ownership to users.

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