Alaya Will Introduce Its Cross-chain System to Connect Ethereum to Alaya Network

PlatON’s meta network Alaya will launch its revolutionary cross-chain system for all Ethereum users to transfer their ETH/USDT to Alaya network. This cross-chain system, developed with PlatON’s high security underlying network, high performance and low service costs, will address the existing issues on Ethereum that cause the cooldown of DeFi, such as low performance, low efficiency on transaction confirmation, high service fee, and low profits for users, etc. Furthermore, Alaya’s cross-chain system will solve the dilemma that cryptocurrencies can’t circulate smoothly, and the values can’t transmit to each other.

Alaya Will Introduce Its Cross-chain System to Connect Ethereum to Alaya Network

Compelling Cross-chain Incentive Campaign Will Be Live Simultaneously

PlatON has an exclusive cross-chain incentive campaign for all community partners, ecosystem participants and users worldwide that would contribute on enhancing the construction of community and ecosystem with compensation for cross-chain service fee along with the announcement of its cross-chain system.

About Alaya

Alaya is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON, and a global data asset computing infrastructure with cutting-edge privacy-preserving computation. While Alaya and PlatON share the almost identical underlying technology, they maintain their respective degrees of openness and independent activities. Despite sharing the same vision and ideas, their evolution paths and specializations differ.

The corss-chain system will be officially announced within one week, just pay close attention to the notifications in PlatON community:



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