PlatON officially releases a new phase of the Grants projects

PlatON officially releases a new phase of the Grants projects

In 2020, as the main supporter and promoter of PlatON,LatticeX Foundation officially announced the Grants plan to the world.At present,the Grants program not only provides funding and development support for high-quality projects that focusing on privacy preserving computation and distributed economy infrastructure,but also comprehensively covers all kinds of projects and community developers in the PlatON community. At the same time,it supports the long-term construction and development of the Alaya network.The beginning of the Grants program has accelerated the pace of PlatON community construction.

At the end of 2020,as LatticeX Foundation officially announced the new ecological development Grants plan to the world,it received a positive response from community developers, experts and technical colleagues.After full communication and discussion with all the application teams,PlatON officially released a new phase of the Grants project to promote the ecological construction of PlatON.

Below is the projects details:


Project Name:LAT.Finance

Project Team:LAT Finance,the team is made up of decentralized financial enthusiasts who have been involved in Ethereum and Polkadot ecology for a long time.In the early days,they ran a number of mainstream PoS public blockchains validators,and are now active in various decentralized financial mines

Project Introduction:LAT.Finance is an open financial portal of the PlatON community,providing the best DeFi solutions for the community.The first phase will provide De-Staking-Pool products,so that every token holder can enjoy the best Staking revenue

Project value:To provide the maximum delegation income for the entrusting user


Project Name:Data snapshot

Project Team:Bit Cat,The team focuses on the infrastructure and tool development of the blockchain, and has successfully run a number of PoS nodes, carrying tens of millions of dollars in asset delegation. The core team members from international first-tier Internet and blockchain companies who have participated in the design and development of a number of well-known blockchain projects

Project Introduction:Provide a way to quickly download blocks for newly joined nodes, so that nodes can quickly follow up to the current network state (development has been completed)

Project Value:Lowering the threshold for node joining


Project Name: Contract IDE tool

Project team: Obsidian Lab,EOS,Substrate(Web3 Foundation),the first Grants award projects and the official IDE tool development team of Algorand

Project introduction:PlatON Studio is an IDE,that assists developers to carry out intelligent contract development on the PlatON public chain. It supports Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Project value:Simplifying the process for developers to develop smart contracts in PlatON,improving development efficiency,and reducing the difficulty of development,so as to attract more developers to join the PlatON ecosystem.


Project Name:Data collaboration middleware

Project team:Ownership Labs,the team is in the research of blockchain-based data marketplaces and decentralized federated learning.They have participated in many blockchain hackathon challenges and won major awards,e.g.,BitRun,ETHPlanent,DoraHacks,Webank Fintechation and Wanxiang Hackathon.

Project introduction:The data collaboration middleware is to realize the fusion and sharing of data assets without going out of the private domain.

Project value:Through privacy preserving computation and blockchain technology,data assets can be safely fused without leaving the private domain,and the whole process of data use can be tracked.


Project name:PlatON-CLI Java version

Project team:Ren Hui, individual developer, has participated in the development of several Internet of Things projects, participated in the PlatON testnet Galaxy Rally and wrote related programs using Java.

Project Introduction:Java version of PlatON-CLI tools,send low-fee transactions quickly and in batches;fast and batch staking,delegation, governance and contract-related operations

Project value:lowering the threshold for developers to use PlatON-CLI

LatticeX Foundation is conducting intensive communication and discussions with more Grants project development teams,and will continue to release the latest Grants projects.Please pay attention to the latest news on LatticeX’s official website and “@PlatON_Network” twitter account.

LatticeX Foundation Grants Program website:

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