[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.16–05.31] PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.16–05.31] PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched


👉PlatON and Freecash reach partnership

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.16–05.31] PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

PlatON, the privacy AI computing network, recently announced a partnership with Freecash. The two parties will actively collaborate on identity technology, community governance and business promotion, and are committed to further expanding their ecological footprints while jointly advancing the infrastructure of the password economy.

👉LatticeX Foundation Gives away 1,067 Limited-edition Badge NFTs as A Gesture to Appreciate PlatON Mainnet Contributors

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.16–05.31] PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

To thank our community contributors for their support, the LatticeX Foundation is sending out 1,000 NFT commemorative badges to community contributors, node partners and community preparation team members to thank them for their contribution to the launch of the mainnet.

👉PlatON Partners with PolkaDAO’s Infrastructure of SubDAO

[PlatON Bi-Weekly Report 05.16–05.31] PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

PlatON, the privacy AI computing network, has recently entered into a partnership with SubDAO, the PolkaDAO infrastructure, which will enable the interoperability of PlatON and SubDAO through a multi-dimensional technical and ecological collaboration.

👉PlatON Studio IDE, the PlatON eco-developer tool is officially launched

PlatON, the privacy AI computing network, and Obsidian Labs, a blockchain technology team, has announced the launch of PlatON Studio, a powerful and easy-to-use graphical IDE developer tool to assist developers with smart contract development in PlatON and the PlatON meta-network Alaya.

👉[PlatON Tech-Column] PlatON Consensus Protocol: From PBFT to Giskard (1)

PlatON’s Giskard consensus protocol consists of the probabilistic proof of stake (PPoS) and the Giskard Byzantine Fault Tolerance (Giskard BFT) protocol. Giskard BFT uses a BFT-like algorithm for block production and verification. This issue briefly introduces PPoS consensus and BFT theory, and analyses the characteristics of the PBFT algorithm.

Technical Progress

Peripheral product development.

1. Mobile Wallet ATON

Update plan: Version 1.0.2

  • Optimization of mnemonic
  • Single-word de-duplication.
  • Optimisation of wallet mnemonic compatibility, supporting the import of mnemonics, private keys and wallet files generated by the same network, various wallet clients Samurai, MTool, Cli, Financial Tools and third-party wallets.
  • mnemonic association: users are given a prompt when entering a helper word when importing wallets using the helper word.
  • Support for overwriting imported wallets: in the event that the wallet password is forgotten, the wallet can be re-imported (with the mnemonic and private key) to overwrite the wallet file already existing in the app without deleting the app, making it easy for users to reset their password.
  • Add transaction history to the collections screen
  • Adjustment to the locking condition of fingerprint unlocks: after turning on fingerprint unlock, ATON will be locked when it enters the background for more than a certain period of time and then returns to the foreground. Adjustment to the locking condition of ATON.
  • Optimize the text, UI and interaction

II. Blockchain Browser PlatScan

Version is now online, mainly adjusting the calculation methods of core indicators such as real-time circulation, total pledges and pledge rate on the front page.

Update plan: version 1.0.2

  • Contract details experience optimization: display of transactions from the address dimension in contract details.
  • PRC-721 token details experience optimisation: the percentage of holders should be calculated according to the “number” of holdings, divided by the number of stocks; solve the problem of uncontrollable data synchronisation, so that the number of data synchronised each time is equal to the preset number of synchronisations.
  • Contract transaction details optimisation: click on the correspondence link on the contract execution transaction details page to jump to the corresponding address page
  • Improved compatibility with contract boundary values: the length of user-defined field data in contracts is checked, and when the data length is too long, the data is truncated and displayed with a “…” on the browser page.
  • Optimization of the text, UI and interaction
  • Addition of fields to the list of validation nodes: addition of commission reward percentage, block out rate, version number to the list of validation nodes, and addition of a description of the block out rate.
  • Zero block-out penalty node sorting modification: sorting in descending order from largest to smallest according to the estimated unlocked block height according to the locked time.
  • Add noun explanations and calculation formulas for terms and values: e.g. circulation, total number of issues, total pledge, pledge rate, etc..
  • LatticeX Foundation addresses will be displayed: addition of a foundation address display page to show foundation addresses and balances.
  • Global addressCache revamp: revamping addressCache to solve the problem of wrong display of transaction quantity.

3. This month PlatScan/ATON shelves NFT badge collectables to commemorate the launch of PlatON main online.

4. The development of network-wide pledge entrusted account source of funds query requirements: start ranking from the pledge account or entrusted account, characterized by the initial issue, and continue to rank forward until the specified account is ranked.

After PlatON peripheral product version 1.0.2 completes development and testing, it is planned to go online at a later date.

Technical Preparatory Group

👉Technical Governance Committee Meeting

The 5th Technology and Governance Committee meeting was held on 18th May, which focused on communication and discussion on the principles and methods of follow-up developer community building, developer support and collaboration. Minutes of the meeting.


👉 Continued output of technical science content for the wider community

WASM Smart Contract Development on PlatON (4) — Detailed explanation of parameter passing.


👉Continued technical content output for the wider community

PlatON and Alaya Network Blockchain Browser “Circulation, Issue” has been updated and is continuously seeking feedback from the community.


PlatON blockchain browser PlatScan version 1.0.2 update requirements have been released to the public, and community comments and feedback are being collected. Issue:


Application Ecology Group

1. polka cross-chain, delivery review expected to be completed on June 1, multi-signature witness recruitment in progress, expected to be completed on June 3, cross-chain official launch PlatON/Alaya publicity matters in preparation.

2. Application ecology development priority voting is hot in the forum at

3. 31 May, 7pm, PlatON Eco Talk — Community discussion on ecological development AMA.

Ecological Progress ——Distributed Finance

R&D Progress


8.1.0 support for multiple network switching version bug fixes and new requirements development

Privacy DEX V1.0.

MPC ceremony for zk-snarks setup feature testing completed, UI detail adjustment and documentation combing completed

Privacy DEX V2.0.

BLS validation contract testing tool development completed, debugging in progress

Merkle tree hash algorithm integration in progress

Ecological Progress——Grants

Related progress

1. PlatON and Polka cross-chain platform PlatDot

Progress: Expect to complete the first phase of multi-signature hosted semi-central cross-chain delivery audit and multi-signature witness recruitment by early June, with on-chain deployment imminent. Active preparations are underway for the official cross-chain launch of PlatON/Alaya promotion.

2. PlatEye Blockchain Browser

Progress: For Alaya, we have completed the development of on-chain information monitoring and analysis functions such as node list, node details, bulk transactions, lock positions, etc. We have entered the milestone 2 acceptance stage and are recruiting community acceptance personnel, while proceeding with PlatON blockchain browser development. For more information, please refer to: https://forum.latticex.foundation/t/topic/4868

3. Lato-NFT supporting threshold signature and NFT auction

Progress: Now testing and tuning for optimized features and bug fixing. A community testing campaign will be launched in the forum soon, with prizes to invite the community to experience and test the product, stay tuned!

4. PlatON-CLI Java Version

Progress: The second phase of development is completed, mainly including wallet management, locking module, chain basic query and other functions, community acceptance staff recruitment is underway.

Project repository:


5. PlatON Ruby SDK

Progress: The second phase of acceptance has been completed, the third phase of functional development is in its first week, the overall progress of 10%, has now completed the internal contract call in the commission and pledge function, the lock position is in the debugging stage.

Project repository.


6. PlatON Go SDK

Progress: Phase 2 development has been completed, account creation and management-related functions, transaction signature and transaction uploading have been realized, acceptance testing is planned for next week.

Project repository:


7. ZK-Rollups based AMM + order book form of privacy Dex: QinGahSwap

Progress: The integration of the market trading module and the limit trading module is currently underway, with the completion of the price priority algorithm trading, and the integration of the two trading modules is expected to be completed next week.

8. Synthetic Asset Project: Pumo

Progress: UI and front-end refactoring is underway, contracts and back-end related services are completed, and will enter the testing phase soon. demos supporting ATP and aETH collateralized synthetic stable Tokens will be delivered in early June for common community experience testing.

Ecological Progress —— Moliantech aitos.io

Key events

José Luis Núñez Díaz, Global Head of Blockchain Business at Telefónica Technologies, introduced the concept of ‘blockchain operator’ as a new species in an interview in the latest issue of Capacity Magazine, and highlighted aitos.io’s collaboration with Telefónica Technologies on IoT + blockchain convergence innovation.

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