Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.2 )

Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.2 )

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Information Network to Computing Network

After data is changed from “plaintext” into the “ciphertext” state, in fact, the Internet we are now very familiar with will change from the data exchange-based information networks to computing networks based on computing interoperability.

Today, Internet titans hold vast amounts of user data and continue to extract value from data mining to generate business revenue. This state of affairs will be completely subversive in the future.

Data will be supported by privacy-preserving computation technology, and a new collaborative paradigm will emerge.

The traditional internet can be defined as an information-based network for direct processing of data, where local data is collected by applications (in many cases silent gathering without the permission of their owners) and sent to the cloud, where it can be processed and mined for commercial value. But the owner of the data is not authorized in the whole process and does not receive a corresponding return from the business value it creates.

What is more serious is that these data of plaintext forms are sold directly after they are collected, which results in the disclosure of a large number of privacy data, and causes extremely bad social impact and economic losses.

Privacy computing will be able to keep the user’s data locally and participate in the computation while it is encrypted, and then upload the results to the cloud to provide to the initiators. In the whole process, the data has not been disclosed in plaintext, and data privacy has been fundamentally protected. At the same time, the value created by the data can be measured through a reasonable mechanism, and the data owner can get a reasonable return from it.

The ultimate direction of Internet evolution is the evolution from the information network form of data transmission from end to cloud to the computing network of collaborative computing oriented to data sharing.

As the distributed privacy AI network PlatON argues, “everything is computable.”

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About the LatticeX Foundation
The Singapore Lattice Foundation with the vision of returning data sovereignty to users, protecting data privacy and realizing data value exchange through complex computing, aims to build a fully decentralized computing interoperability network to promote transactions of data use rights while protecting data sovereignty and privacy. In order to realize LatticeX vision, it also provides all kinds of academic research, cultivates and manages all kinds of applications and provides financial support for high-quality projects. The LatticeX Foundation is a major supporter and promoter of the distributed privacy AI network PlatON and the financial network Alaya.

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