Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.3 )

Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.3 )

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Single-party to multi-party computation

As an object of calculation, “data” itself has a very unique property that is different from traditional factors of production. In addition to what you see is what you get in plain text, there are some public attributes of “nature”.

Specifically, data from a single source is actually not sufficient and sufficient in credibility and value, and data that can truly create value continuously should have the characteristics of multi-source, multi-dimensional and multi-party continuous operation.

Therefore, in a digital society where data is the basic production factor, data-oriented analysis and calculation must not be limited to the supply of a single source.

A self-driving AI, for example, must cover the full scene, full road conditions, and multiple sources under the full rule of “feeding” data for its training facility. It can be simply understood that the AI trained through Area A’s open road-based driving data must not apply to Area B’s self-driving in complex road conditions.

If the data owned by Area A and Area B has data ownership control problem, then a self-driving AI trained from a single source of data will not be available because of its own limited data supply, or it will need to find a way to train the data for Area A and Area B in conjunction without disclosing the data.

In the case of the common attribute in the core nature of the data, the value of the data needs to be realized by the cooperation between various parties. So the data-oriented computation can not be realized by the centralized single-party computation as before but should be output by the multi-party calculation in ciphertext state in the case that the data from multiple sources do not leave the local area.

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