Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.4 )

Technological Changes Associated with You and Me Brought by Privacy-preserving Computation.(Part.4 )

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Internet Slave Workers to Internet Citizenship

In the real society, citizens, as the basic unit of the state, have the basic rights protected by the laws of the state and guaranteed by the government of the state. It is also the right of citizens to participate in public life according to law. For example, the civil rights of citizens include property ownership, personal rights, privacy rights, and so on.

The transfer of some of the rights of citizens constructs the power of the state.

But in the online world, users use public digital products provided by web service providers (such as web giants,) and provide personal data to these digital products in an involuntary manner. Network service providers have complete and absolute power to dispose of user data.

For example, a user’s account can be deleted without the user’s permission.

For example, they mine the user’s data for commercial gain without paying the user in return.

So basically, the Internet service providers, like the real world countries, hold the power at the national level, but the way of obtaining the power is compulsory and not presupposed by the transfer of the rights of service users.

In other words, in the online world, every one of us has no rights at all. No matter what we are in the real world, as long as we connect to the network and use the network service, we will become the slave workers of these network service — to contribute value, surrender rights, no return.

Only when privacy-preserving Computation really becomes the basic technology of the Internet, all Internet service providers follow the privacy computing paradigm to serve us, our data is stored in ciphertext, and the “ownership” and “use” of data can be separated, and can fully follow our will to participate in computing so that the participants in the network world can truly become network citizens with basic rights.

As a newly emerging information technology, privacy-preserving Computation will not be a simple new application, but will fundamentally change the basic operation mode of the Internet, and let the network participants in a brand-new identity use a variety of network services, improve living standards, improve work efficiency, protect data rights and build the network world.

About the LatticeX Foundation

The Singapore Lattice Foundation with the vision of returning data sovereignty to users, protecting data privacy and realizing data value exchange through complex computing, aims to build a fully decentralized computing interoperability network to promote transactions of data use rights while protecting data sovereignty and privacy. In order to realize LatticeX vision, it also provides all kinds of academic research, cultivates and manages all kinds of applications and provides financial support for high-quality projects. The LatticeX Foundation is a major supporter and promoter of the distributed privacy AI network PlatON and the financial network Alaya.

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