The Proposal of PlatON PIP-15 Mainnet Release Causes Heated Discussions in Community

The Proposal of PlatON PIP-15 Mainnet Release Causes Heated Discussions in Community

On March 2, AvaLuo, a member of PlatON Community, posted on the forum that: “PlatON shall be ready to release while the market is good!” and appealed to the LatticeX Foundation to seize the market opportunity to complete preparations for the PlatON main net as soon as possible and to promote the release.

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Three key opportunities have been described in AvaLuo’s post on PlatOn’s mainnet:

• The external environment is getting better increasingly: the industry is developing rapidly, whose number of users is boosting, and attentions from both inside and outside of the industry have increased greatly.

• Ecological construction is in full bloom: Alaya has been online for more than four months, accumulating a large number of loyal nodes, Grants projects keep springing up and the ecology is booming day by day.

• New opportunities are generated from the new public chain: the current problems faced by other public chain projects also give new opportunities to the new public chain, which should not be missed by PlatON.

The post has received a lot of attention and heated discussions in the community, and LatticeX Foundation said that the release time would be decided after being fully discussed by the community and reaching a comprehensive consensus.

AvaLuo then released the content of the post as a PIP proposal and published it to Github, seeking further promotion of the main net release process.

PIP-15 Link:PlatONnetwork/PIPsRepository of PIP. Contribute to PlatONnetwork/PIPs development by creating an account on

After two and a half years of iterative development, more than eight months of network technology testing, and more than four months of business validation for the Alaya lead network, PlatON has been well prepared since it was officially announced in 2018. The LatticeX Foundation will continue actively communicating and exchanging with members of the community, be grateful for and carefully consider opinions and suggestions of the community, and, with whose strong support and assistance, make arrangements for the release of the main net.

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