PlatON Coummunity Council with Math Wallet — How Privacy-Preserving Computation and Crypto Wallet Empower Each Other?

On Apr.9, 2020, PlatON hosted its community council with Math Wallet, a multi-platform cross-chain wallet that supports more than 40 public blockchain ecosystem such as BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, BinanceChain, ONT, Cosmos, IRISnet, etc. PlatON Chief Architect Shenglin Li and Math Wallet co-founder & CTO Eric Yu shared the development roadmaps, strategy plans, collaboration details and the strengthens of their powerful combination.

PlatON Coummunity Council with Math Wallet — How Privacy-Preserving Computation and Crypto Wallet Empower Each Other?

Introduction of Math Wallet?

Eric: Math Wallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet that supports more than 40 public blockchains such as BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, BinanceChain, ONT, Cosmos, IRISnet, Polkadot, Vechain, etc. To compatible with all user-ends, we have crypto wallets of App, web, browser extension and hardware. Math Wallet has built a multi-chain DApp ecosystem that supports decentralized cross-chain transaction, and has involved in the ecosystem building of many PoS-based public blockchain as a node.

Math Wallet aims at supporting and empowering public blockchains, and it is the crypto wallet that supports the most public blockchains so far.

How Do You Think About the Crypto Wallet Field and the Future Development Trends?

Eric: The development of crypto wallet is still in its early stage where crypto wallets create the use cases while offering a low-barrier entry point for users. The decentralized crypto wallets mainly focus on the feature differentiation and DeFi, while centralized crypto wallets prefer the development of CeFi.

Math Wallet serves as both decentralized crypto wallet and centralized crypto wallet that provides the features of both CeFi and DeFi including asset management, mining, trading, etc. Besides, we have get involved in many public blockchain ecosystem.

Currently, crypto wallet helps manage the digital assets for users, and it should manage more assets such as data and work as the carrier to protect the user data. For example, crypto wallet could work with PlatON to protect users’ privacy through its privacy-preserving computation. The development of crypto wallet heavily depends on the development of public blockchains. When public blockchains gets more and more complete with iterations, crypto wallet as the carrier could be the next Point Break of the whole blockchain industry.

Privacy-Preserving Computation Heavily Depends on Cryptography Knowledge and Technologies, Can You Tell More Details about PlatON’s Profound Accumulation of the Research on Cryptography?

Shenglin: We have deeply dive into the cryptography and the practice of massive distributed systems for years, and the PlatON team has deep understanding and years of experience on the infrastructure for massive digital asset transactions. Currently, PlatON has stood ahead in the privacy-preserving computation field with our solid theoretical work, technologies and engineering implementation.

How’s the Community and Ecosystem Building of PlatON after the Launch of New Baleyworld Test Net?

Shenglin: PlatON values the development and maintenance of community and users, and will spare no effort in building an open, transparent and robust community with huge resources. Thus, we launched Galaxy Rally, the large testing program with 5M LAT in the bonus pool to offer a chance for all community members to get involved with the development and growth of PlatON ecosystem. Plus, LatticeX Foundation announced a $200M Grants program for enhancing the PlatON ecosystem and LatticeX system with all talents worldwide. The investment on PlatON community and ecosystem is a long-term plan.

As the Underlying Infrastructure, Which Application Layer is PlatON Confident about? Are there any Related Use Cases?

Shenglin: PlatON will mainly focus on the assets and data, especially for the industries with intensive needs on data sharing and collaborative computing, such as finance, healthcare, ads, etc. Besides, we are also optimistic about game, which is a business scenario with the most diversified assets and data.

Game is the application field closest to the core value of blockchain, and the bridge connecting the real world and the virtual world. Game will create a virtual world in the future, while blockchain will play an important role in facilitating the circulation of assets in the virtual world.

Furthermore, PlatON ecosystem program Horseman GO, the world’s first decentralized autonomous game, will start its open beta in late Apr. It will surely bring you a whole new gaming experience, welcome to join us.

Math Wallet Has Formed Strategic Partnership with Public Blockchains in the Game Field, It Must Be Bullish about the Potential of Game Industry. How Will Math Wallet Facilitate the Development of Blockchain Game in the Future?

Eric: As the game is developing, there will be game iteration to fit the upgrade of blockchain. Blockchain game and the players will value the gameplay and sustainability of game most. Recently, Animal Crossing is a hot game as well as a hot topic. And we can even find the game props of it in Taobao. We believe all kinds of trading in game will be transferred into blockchain, the platform with higher value storage and exchange efficiency, and be completed through crypto wallet.

As the entry of game for players, crypto wallet will keep optimizing the user experience and lowing the barrier.

How Will PlatON, as the Infrastructure, Collaborate with All Roles such as Nodes, Crypto Wallet, etc, in the Commercial Practice?

Shenglin: As the infrastructure for privacy-preserving computation, data, algorithms and computing power are the basic elements in the overall open decentralized computing network. Besides block producers, we will bring in computing nodes and data nodes. Validators in PlatON network need to stake and package blocks, and then win block rewards and staking rewards. Computing nodes will be responsible for complicated computing by providing computing power and submit the cryptography-based proof to verify the correctness of computing. They will win related rewards. Data nodes provide diversified data to participate in computing, and win data service fees, Data nodes are the importance parts of the whole private data exchange marketplace.

In terms of crypto wallet, they can offer users the staking services in addition to managing assets. As what Eric said before, crypto wallet is also the wallet of use data, which can serve as the data provider and be a part of the whole privacy-preserving computation network if equipped with data features. For example, users can offer their data to participate in the AI model training, and get rewards by contributing their own data without privacy disclosure.

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