[Announcement]LATs for Pre-Deployment Network Wallet Address Testing have been issued and Community Voting has been Launch

[Announcement]LATs for Pre-Deployment Network Wallet Address Testing have been issued and Community Voting has been Launch

Since the pre-deployment network of the PlatON Mainnet went live on April 25, a rigorous final review and acceptance process is underway, while the distribution of NFT ballots to community contributors eligible for voting has been completed.

To ensure the correctness of all user wallet addresses, a number of 0.427LAT were issued to each existing wallet address in the pre-deployment network at 16:32 Singapore time on April 27 for users to validate the private key corresponding to the wallet address and verify the transfer function of the ATON Wallet.

At the request of community contributors, they can start voting as soon as they have received the LATs issued for the purpose of testing and verification, providing community contributors with NFT ballots more time to perform the voting operations.

Sources of Wallet addresses issued include:

1. LAT Wallet addresses mapped from the aLAT addresses of the Alaya network

All aLATs in the Alaya network will be mapped to the PlatON Mainnet wallet addresses, which are converted from addresses holding aLATs on the Alaya network.

Addresses of the two networks have the same private key. As long as you have the private key or wallet file of the aLAT holding address, you can get the corresponding LAT address by importing the private key or wallet file after PlatON Mainnet went live.

For more information, please refer to the article:

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2. Wallet addresses provided by community contributors

All users are asked to check their wallets to see if the LAT is issued to them and if they can make the transfer properly.

If you find any problems, please leave a comment at the bottom of this article. Thank you.

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