1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway

1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway


OKEx is giving away a total of 1,000,000 LAT — the utility token of the PlatON blockchain network — and 1,000 co-branded NFTs in a lucky draw for traders who deposit or trade LAT on OKEx.

Promotion 1: 900,000 LAT giveaway

During the promotion period, all participants who complete the tasks below are eligible to enter a lucky draw to share a 900,000 LAT prize pool. Each participant can win a maximum of 2,000 LAT.

1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway
Task listChance at a lucky draw for LAT
Register on OKEx and complete the photo ID verification1
Each time the total net deposited amount increases by X LAT. A maximum of 5 chances can be availed1-5
Each time accumulated LAT/USDT trading volume reaches 1000 USDT. A maximum of 5 chances can be availed1-5
Invite a friend to register and he/she completes the photo ID verification1
*Click https://www.okex.win/join/ACE504517 sign up on OKEx
1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway

※ A maximum of 12 chances could be availed for each.
※ Each user can only accept the prize once, and the prize will be issued according to the maximum prize drawn, in line with the conditions of the lucky draw.
※ Each new round of drawing for the above lucky draw will have a buffering period of 20 to 30 minutes after a user meets the 1,000 USDT trading volume requirement.

1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway
*Click https://www.okex.win/join/ACE504517 to “Share Now”

Promotion 2: Share and complete a quiz for 100,000 LAT and 1,000 PlatON-based NFTs1.

During this promotion period, participants who share the listing post on Twitter and complete a quiz, answering 80% or above correctly, are eligible to share 100,000 LAT on a first come, first served basis. The 100,000 LAT will be shared 50/50 between existing and new users who participate.
* All participants must retweet the LAT listing announcement from OKEx’s official Twitter account before completing the quiz.
* All participants can get 10 LAT if they complete the quiz.
* Click https://forms.gle/kQ5YXPdNijLGSdZt8 and fill out the Google Form and complete the quiz for this LAT giveaway.
2. All participants who complete the quiz will be eligible to enter the lucky draw for a 1,000 NFTs, designed by PlatON and OKEx.


1. Participants need to click the “Register” button on this page during the promotion period, otherwise they may not be eligible for rewards.
2. Participants are required to complete photo ID verification on OKEx to be eligible for this promotion. Sub accounts cannot participate.
3. Rewards will be distributed within seven working days after the campaign ends.
4. Participants need to provide a PlatON Chain wallet address, which is now available via ATON, Samurai and others.
5. OKEx reserves the right to disqualify any malicious accounts and to confiscate their rewards.

1,000,000 LAT token and 1000 NFT giveaway
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This article is reproduced from https://www.okex.win/promotion/GZAG/ACE503679

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