[Anouncement]PlatON PIP-3 proposal passed, network upgraded to version 1.1.0

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[Anouncement]PlatON PIP-3 proposal passed, network upgraded to version 1.1.0

The PlatON PIP-3 proposal was passed on 30 August 2021 at 14:50. Since the launch of the PIP-3 proposal ballot, the proposal finally received 179 yes votes and 0 no votes, representing 86.05% of the votes in favour of the upgrade, and we would like to thank all our node partners who participated in the ballot!

The proposal focuses on upgrading PlatON’s underlying node network to improve the quality of network services. After the upgrade, the PlatON network will operate with version 1.1.0.

If you have not done the voting operation, please follow the operation manual to perform the version upgrade and version declaration operation, otherwise the node will not be able to enter the verifier list out of the block, the operation manual address is as follows


The details of this upgrade are as follows.

Optimization features

1. optimize the transaction propagation strategy, for nodes that do not broadcast transactions directly, send the transaction hash value

2. support the feature of RPC return chainid

3. Open up the getWaitSlashingNodeList interface for getting Slashing status

4. Randomly elect nodes out of blocks in the Alaya network based on community proposals, adjust the expected value of the cumulative binomial distribution function from 30 to 43, and increase the shuffling of candidate nodes to increase randomness

Problem fixes

1. fix restart node failure if fast sync is not completed

2. fix the problem that the GasPrice must be passed in for the estimation of the governed contract when estimating the Gas interface

3. repair the problem that the call call occasionally returns -32000 error code

4. repair the problem that BAD BLOCK appears after node fast synchronization fails

5. repair the problem of wrong platon_caller value when WASM is called across contracts

6. fix the problem of wrong return value of Ethernet txpool batch insert transaction in synchronization

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