Dante Network—A privacy storage network based on PlatON ecology

Dante Network—A privacy storage network based on PlatON ecology

About Dante Network

Dante network is a privacy storage network based on Platon ecology.We aim to solve the problem of privacy protection in data storage,provide solutions for data privacy storage, and fully protect data privacy from prying in the key link of data circulation by combining with PlatON’s private AI computing network.

The private AI computing network of PlatON will open a future which fulls of swarm intelligence,If data is the soul of AI, So Dante network will provide a private and secure data habitat for each swarm intelligence individual.At the level of data storage, we will work together with the PlatON’S private AI computing network to provide privacy and security for data without blind angles, to let participants will not worry about the hidden danger of the privacy and security fo data, so that they can pay more attention on the improvement of intelligence.

The mission of Dante Network is to be a secure station in the free circulation of data assets.We aim to become a part of the ecosystem of PlatON. and stay together with PlatON and the other parties in the ecosystem,we will protect the privacy of all participants in the key links of data transaction,safekeeping and calculation in the ecosystem, so that the data owners can ensure their data sovereignty and protect their information privacy, and then from their own data flow value-added process to obtain their deserved rights and interests.

Technical advantages –

The aspect of privacy storage

We will use secure multi-party computation, zero knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption and other cryptography techniques.In the realistic scenario, the data owner owns the data, but perhaps they do not have the ability to perform encryption,therefore, through secure multi-party computing, we encrypt the data in a decentralized way by the nodes with the ability to perform encryption computing under the condition that without exposing the data; The zero-knowledge proof is used to verify the data storage task and storage capacity. While reducing the amount of verification data, the stored data information is not exposed, which further guarantees the security of data;The traditional encryption scheme can not guarantee that the encrypted data can be directly used for calculation, so it is necessary to decrypt the data before performing calculation. After using homomorphic encryption algorithm to encrypt the data, the encrypted data can be directly used for calculation,decrypt the result after calculation, and then get the correct result,through this way, the encrypted data does not need to perform frequent encryption and decryption operations, and it can take into account the security and efficiency of the data.

The aspect of protecting the user’s information

We will develop a privacy contract based on the PlatON verifiable contract and use the private data channel to transmit data.Openness and transparency are the specific of blockchain,We can check any account and its transaction information on Ethereum,but in this way, the user’s privacy will be completely leaked,we develop the privacy contract based on PlatON’s verifiable contract by useing zero-knowledge proof technology, to ensure the transactions which are using the contract are completely anonymous, thus to protect the privacy of users;When a user transmits data with a storage node, its network address information will be leaked, thus revealing the user information,we will use the channel of private data for transmiting the data to ensure that the user’s network address is unknown to the storage node, thus to protect the user’s network address information.

The aspect of system framework

We will use an on-chain and off-chain separate architecture.Generally, for the projects based on smart contracts, since all nodes will perform the same calculation, the system performance will not be enhanced by the increase of nodes in the whole network, which is actually a waste of computing resources.Dante Network uses the channel of private data and IPFS and other distributed file systems in off-chain,combining with the technical strategies of redundancy block and encryption to achieve provacy storage and generate the proof information.The privacy computing technical frame based on PlatON in on-chain,to achieve the Dante Network’s privacy contract and verifiable contract, and to complete the authenticity verification of storage tasks and storage capacity.Trust is transferred from the on-chain to the off-chain through verifiable contract,which can break the curse that network performance does not increase with the increase of nodes,let computing resources to be fully utilized throughout the network.

– The relationship with PlatON

Platon is the infrastructure of private AI computing networks and distributed economies.

From the perspective of privacy computing network

The function of privacy computing is to protect the privacy and security of data in the process of circulation and calculation,however, the data in the stored process may have a risk of privacy leakage,tt hasn’t been taken into comprehensive consideration.Actually, both the original data or the calculated results need a safe and effective storage space to store the data,if the privacy security of data can not be protected during the storage process, the significance of privacy computing will be greatly reduced. Therefore, Dante Network privacy storage and PlatON’s privacy AI computing are two links of data privacy protection, which complement each other.

From the perspective of Decentralized Economy

Decentralized Economy ,the abbreviation is DeCo. DeCo borns out of the concept of market economy, it is a form of market economy,therefore, there are two cores: one is the price mechanism, which gathers information and plays a leverage role in the allocation of economic resources; second is economic incentives.DeCo has two main specifics: one is based on blockchain as infrastructure; The second is community autonomy, so public affairs management is carried out through decentralization.Whether it is based on the price of market information and the distribution of economic resources, or based on the economic incentive of decentralized community autonomy, both can not do without the support of information,and the carrier of information is data. Data itself is an emerging and high-value factor of production, while it can also optimize the distribution of other factors of production.Therefore, Dante Network’s privacy storage can become an important productive factor of distributed economy——which provides basic guarantee for data storage and privacy protection.

From the perspective of system framework and technology implementation

Dante Network will adopt the same on-chain and off-chain separate architecture as PlatON’s private AI computing Network.Privacy storage is completed in off-chain, and verification is completed in on-chain.The bottom of the off-chain is based on the channel of private data and IPFS and other distributed files ,combining with the technical strategies of redundancy block and encryption to achieve provacy storage and generate the corresponding order information and proof.It will use the main chain of PlatON in on-chain, and based on the PlatON’s privacy AI computing technology system, achieve Dante network’s privacy contract and verifiable contract,and complete the storage task and the authenticity verification of storage capacity.

– The core team


Master of Xiamen University, many years of experience in private equity investment, familiar with the operation of enterprises in the new economy, leading a number of overseas listed projects, including the Hong Kong stock exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) and New York Stock Exchange. He Has complete financial, legal, internal control knowledge and project experience.

In recent years, he has focused on the integration of blockchain and other industry applications, and accumulated rich experience in blockchain industry. He obtained rich practical experience in large-scale commercialization of new technologies.

CTO-Cator Vee

He has more than twenty years of project developing experience,and he is also the first batch of Internet developing practitioners in China.Was a Senior technical consultant and Technical director of mobile department of HP. He was invited specially to be a senior technical consultant in a government enterprise. Having deep and rich practical experience in the technical principle, underlying technology, middle layer protocol, chain application, landing scenario and development trend of blockchain.

COO-Jacky Cheung

He is a Bachelor of the University of Hong Kong and a certified public accountant of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants (HKICPA). With more than 10 years of audit experience of KPMG ( Klynved Peat Marwick Goerdeler), and many years of private equity fund operation experience. he has served many enterprises, including China Mobile Group, China Unicom Group, Anta Group, Baihong industry and other large domestic and foreign listed enterprises.

He was an investment and Financing Consultant and general manager of several fund management companies, familiar with corporate governance, investor relations, financing plans and other company operations. Familiar with the listing process at home and abroad, and maintain good channel cooperation with securities companies, law firms, auditors, banks, asset management companies and other large service institutions.

In 2016, he joined the blockchain industry, participated in the private placement rounds of many well-known blockchain projects at home and abroad, and served as the financial consultant of many projects at the same time.

Senior Engineer-Wu Yahuang

He once led the development of qunar mobile station and snowball fund management platform, and participated in the EOS technology community in 2018 year, contributed the source code of smart contract, exported a number of technical articles, and was selected into the list of contributors of EOS open source community. His EOS node became the node with the largest traffic in Asia. He was leading a state-owned enterprise medical alliance as chain technical director in 2019.

– The ratio of Token distribution –

Dante Network, as an application + service blockchain project, its original token DAT will play the function of payment settlement in the whole network.

DAT hardtop will be 1 billion, The ritio of the distribution including:

1.Private Placement 5%

2.Team 5%

3.Business cooperation 5%

4.community construction 25%

5.Storage mining incentive 60%

See Dante network economic white paper for details.

Add the official wechat account of Dante Network, or join the official community group of Dante Network to get more information about it!

Dante Network—A privacy storage network based on PlatON ecology

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