[Upgrade] PlatON Network Kepler (v1.1.3) Version Upgrade Announcement


The Kepler(v1.1.3) version has released. Supported by the core development team, it is an optimized version for the problem PlatON-issue-1885 in response to recent feedbacks from validators on graph-node support.

New Features

· Add PlatON-issue-1885 to support graphql interface at the bottom layer
· Merge Ethereum’s optimization of command line parameters 20935 and node’s refactoring 21105
· Add instruction support for convertType on abigen


Optimization 20935 involves changes to the startup command. Though the new version is compatible with the old command line parameters, we suggest you use the new flags. Please use platon --help to check or refer to the development manual.

This version is a minor version upgrade. Each node can choose to upgrade according to its own situation. If you have any question or feedback


开普勒 (v1.1.3) 版本是核心开发团队针对近期验证节点反馈的对graph-node支持的问题PlatON-issue-1885的优化版本。


  • 底层新增对graphql接口的支持PlatON-issue-1885
  • 合并以太坊对命令行参数的优化20935以及node的重构21105
  • abigen增加对convertType的支持


因优化20935涉及启动命令变化,虽然新版本对旧的命令行参数是兼容的,但建议使用新的flags,请使用platon --help 查看,或参考开发手册


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