• Web3 Carnival | Football Carnival Official Launch

    #Web3 Football Carnival Official Launch Create exclusive Green & Grass story with Semantic SBTs Stimulus Guessing Party $50K+ Equivalent Pool Colorful Brand Events Enter Carnival Carnival Info

    November 18, 2022
  • The earthquake in crypto caused by FTX bankruptcy

    By James@PlatON from Tokyo Although I have got used to earthquakes after living in Tokyo for many year, still got shocked when there is a big one, and swing for long. The fears come from the noise of the building when it tries to absorb the energy, and the news about damages caused to other people. The crypto earthquake by FTX, please let me call it that way for convenience, is causing a lot of fears. Due to it’s scale, assume magnitude 7.0, the impact is deep and broad through…

    November 17, 2022
  • Airdrop Event | PlatON × HashKeyDID OST Airdrop

    #PlatON and @HashKeyDID OST Airdrop is coming up! To qualify for mint: All you have to do is make one $lat transfer of any amount via HashKeyDID, using the ATON Wallet, between NOV.11-18, then will be eligible to mint the OST on the HashKeyDID website after Nov.22. #NFT#SBT

    November 11, 2022
  • Announcement | PlatON × Ceres Partbership

    Thrilled to reveal our strategic partner @PlatON_Network PlatON-the Decentralized Privacy-Preserving AI Network Ceres officially deploy its Oracle data and #SBT smart contract on PlatON. We would collaborate and work together on #privacy-preserving computation technologies.

    November 10, 2022
  • Airdrop Event | Coinhub × PlatON Win 500U

    Do you know each Lat address has its corresponding 0x address? Find your lat/0x address and Win 500U Coinhub & @PlatON_Network Joint #Airdrop Until 6PM 13th, Nov (UTC+8) Rules: Follow us + @PlatON_Network, like, RT, Tag 3 friends Complete the tasks:

    November 10, 2022

    Join us for an #AMA with @have2changeA James Qu, CTO of @PlatON_Network, a privacy-preserving AI network $500 $LAT for 5 best Twitter Qs & 5 best Live Qs Ask your questions in the comments & be sure to join us tomorrow at 12:00 PM UTC

    November 10, 2022
  • Integrate Partnership | ONTO Wallet × PlatON_Network

    #ONTO is excited to integrate @PlatON_Network, a privacy-preserving AI network To share $500 $LAT: Follow @ONTOWallet & @PlatON_Network Like & RT this tweet Comment with your wallet address Stay tuned for more joint events

    November 9, 2022
  • NFT Airdrop | PlatON × NFTSTAR Partnership

    #PlatON is thrilled to announce the partnership with @THENFTSTAR for #NeymarJr#BeastMode NFT airdrop! Follow @PlatON_Network and @THENFTSTAR RT & Tag 3 friends Get a chance to win the upcoming #NFT whitelist spots!

    November 9, 2022
  • Authorization and Certificate Token — PlatON concept design

    Continuous from James@Tokyo Centralization and decentralization governance is switching between each other in the loop of history. Depends on which one is more efficient and vital by that time. Tribes in the stone age, people needs tight cooperation to fight with wild and dangerous animals, as well as natural disasters. Now an individual could enjoy high quality music with good wine at home like a king hundred years back. We are living a decentralization friendly time, people having more freedom, contribute more as an individual, less as a group member,…

    November 4, 2022
  • PlatON Monthly: October

    PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network. “Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs. 01 — Technological Progress PlatON (1)…

    November 4, 2022
  • Halloween Candybox Event | Collect Secret Keys

    Collect Secret Keys on 4 Projects Discord, Win $3,000 Halloween Candybox Follow @PlatON_Network @Dmailofficial @infinity_swap @clv_org, join our Discord Keys & event link will post on Discord 30 mins later 50 luck frds submit right keys will win $3,000 Bonus

    November 1, 2022
  • Giveaway Event| PlatON Twitter hits 100K follower!

    $1000 GIVEAWAY!!! We’ve hit 100K followers! Thank you for supporting #PlatON! 20 winners will be picked in 7 days! RT & Follow @PlatON_Network &@LatticeX_SGP Leave what you want to say to PlatON and also your Lat Address Stay tuned for the next #NFT giveaway

    October 15, 2022
  • Government Driven Efforts on Digital Asset Framework

    Auther: PlatON James QU @Tokyo Recording my notes after reading the FACT SHEET: White House Releases First-Ever Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets. Roughly 1/5 adult Americans are investing in 3 trillion dollar crypto market is pretty much impressive, and the crash of TerraUSD remind me of the fear which eventually convinced me the consumer and investor protection is very important, especially under current situation where the gap is so hugh between crypto veterans vs Rockies in this not yet regulated area. Whether need regulation or not is a…

    October 15, 2022
  • PlatON Monthly: September

    01 — Technological Progress PlatON (1) PlatON 1.3.0 has been developed and now supports delegated locking; the double ChainID proposal Phase 2.5 (EVM returns the new ChainID) has been implemented; the internal functionality verification test of version 1.3.0 has basically been completed, and the parallel testnet verification is in progress; (2) The subsequent plan covering all EIPs that require forking for Ethereum’s Berlin and London upgrades has been drafted, and the technical analysis is in progress; (3) aton1.1.7v: The development progress of delegated locking has reached 70%; (4) aton1.1.8v: The…

    October 9, 2022
  • mplementation Rules of PlatON Validator Incentive Program

    The LatticeX Foundation is committed to promoting and developing the PlatON network and fully facilitating PlatON’s goals at all stages, making itself the most secure and stablest decentralized privacy-preserving AI network in the world. As an important measure to maintain the stability and security of the PlatON network, the Foundation is pleased to officially release the “PlatON Validator Incentive Program”. This Program aims to give back to validators on the PlatON mainnet for their long-term support and contribution, while further driving the sound development of the PlatON ecosystem and improving…

    September 30, 2022