The navigation station of PlatONWorld officially launched

The navigation station of PlatONWorld officially launched

The navigation station of PlatONWorld is officially launched today. At present, #the navigation station of PlatONWorld # has set up a bilingual version in both Chinese and English. The first batch of tags aggregate browser, wallet, developer resources, document tools, community, ecological team, exchange, market, information and other sectors, realizing the multi-channel function of one-stop directly connect to PlatON. More plates are still in the process of improvement. In the future, we will provide you with more abundant and comprehensive information on relevant channels of PlatON

PlatONWorld navigation station:

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About us is a multilingual, resource-oriented and content-driven growth community platform for members and users of the PlatON and Alaya ecosystem worldwide, as well as a partner of PlatON Node . Based on the global vision of the Latticex Foundation and the forward-looking application of private computing technology, PlatONWorld will focus on English, supplemented by other languages, to establish a communication channel for global users to quickly learn and understand related information of PlatON and Alaya, as well as a bridge to quickly participate in ecological applications and activities. It is also a community interaction platform for enthusiasts. In addition, PlatONWorld will assist in the branding and promotion of PlatON and Alaya, so that more users outside the blockchain industry can understand the value of private computing in the future.

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PlatONWorld — The base of PlatON’s long-term ecologicalists !

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The navigation station of PlatONWorld officially launched

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