[Announcement] ATON version 1.1.2 update announcement (20220127)

[Announcement] ATON version 1.1.2 update announcement (20220127)

Main updates in this version.

  • Support custom management of wallet assets and collection lists
  • Support setting receiving amount
  • Support to enter the blockchain browser to view transaction details through transaction Hash
  • Added more interface support for walletconnect protocol
  • Other known bugs and experience optimizations, etc.

Notes on the new version

As the new version supports custom management of wallet assets and collectibles list, in order to avoid disturbing users, non-PlatON native Tokens and collectibles in the wallet have been hidden, if you have corresponding assets or collectibles to use, please follow the tutorial below to add them manually.

This tutorial takes the example of adding “Collectibles”:

1, under the Wallet module, select the corresponding network and switch to the Collectibles page, click on the “+” icon as shown.


2, Enter the “Collectibles Management” page, where you can find the Collectibles you want to add by searching for “Contract Address/Collectibles Symbols”, or you can Look directly at the “Hot Collectibles” list to find the Collectibles you want to add and click the “+” icon on the right to add the Collectibles to the main wallet page.


Update Notes.

**Note: For the security of your wallet, please make sure to complete a backup of your wallet private key before upgrading to the new version! **

Android users

Version number: V1.1.2

Veteran ATON users can download the update directly from within ATON by following the update prompts (GooglePlay channel requires access to the update within the app market).

New users open the PlatON website link: https://www.platon.network/en/developer#aton

Download the update via both [Android Download] and [GooglePlay]. **Please select the original version installation channel for the update when upgrading an older version. **

iOS users

Version number: V1.1.2

Search for “ATON Wallet” in the App Store after logging into your non-Mainland China Apple ID to find and download the update.

Due to the expiry date of Testflight, it is not recommended that you continue to download and install ATON via Testflight.

ATON Operation Guide


Risk Warning

Due to relevant policy factors, it is normal for some phones to have an application virus risk alert. For the safety of your assets, please make sure to back up all wallet private keys and mnemonics in ATON to prevent accidental uninstallation and deletion of ATON.

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