PlatON Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Acent to Empower the Growth of Web 3.0 Ecosystem

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PlatON Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Acent to Empower the Growth of Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Recently, Acent, an ecosystem powered by Web 3.0 technology, announced its strategic cooperation with PlatON, a privacy-preserving AI computation network. The two will partner up across the board in terms of privacy-preserving computation technology, applications like Web 3.0 privacy-preserving explorer, and the building of tech infrastructures. In the meantime, they also reached extensive agreements on pursuing integrated, innovative development of their ecosystems and enabling interactions between the two networks. Together, PlatON and Acent will contribute to the full realization and long-term development of the Web 3.0 vision and bring bottom-up innovations of new businesses and new markets.

About PlatON

PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network. “Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs.


Acent provides Asia’s first web 3.0-based blockchain browser services. Acent’s main product is Osiris web-browser, a user-friendly blockchain browser that provides ultimate easiness, convenience, and safety. Acent is powered by Osiris browser, the latter represented in around 147 countries with total 350,000 active and non- active users. We aim to eradicate inconveniences associated to using dApps and its rendering support, provide user centric cryptocurrency multi-wallet, improve privacy protection and others.

Users now can enjoy Osiris browser’s fast browsing speed without any intrusive ads, have built-in cryptocurrency multi-wallet and participate in De-Fi service by exchanging crypto on swap protocols.

Acent’s main mission is to engage masses in appreciating blockchain services through a user-centric Osiris web browser.

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