The Digital universe and PlatON

The Digital universe and PlatON
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If data were to be water, 15 years ago a person might be able to produce a cup full of it, while right now a person would produce an ocean full of it.

To be specific, a statistic by World Economic Forum in 2019 states that by 2020, the number of bytes in the digital universe is expected to be 44 zettabytes which are 40 times bigger than the number of stars in the observable universe and by 2025, an estimate of about 463 exabytes of data which is equal to 212,765,957 DVDs will be generated each day globally

These statistics show how huge the digital transformation (Data, AI, Technology, and all) has been over the years and this innovation like any other brings along with it some challenges.

What PlatON 2.0 is doing.

Some challenges of this innovation of data and AI has been the centralization of artificial intelligence (AI), data abuse, privacy leakages, expensive training cost of AI models, to mention a few. These problems are what PlatON is solving using the innovations of a next-generation intelligent network known as web 3.0.

How is PlatON solving these challenges? Three words: Decentralization, Artificial General Intelligence, and Privacy-Preserving computation.

PlatON combines blockchain, AI, and privacy-preserving computation to create a decentralized collaborative privacy-preserving AI network that takes data utilization to a new level. It also serves as an infrastructure for autonomous AI agents and their collaboration that can ease the emergence of advanced AI and explore the path to artificial general intelligence (AGI).

It allows the best AI technology to be accessible to anyone who requires it through a decentralized network and open-source software tools.

Phase 1 of PlatON 2.0

The first phase of the blockbuster product PlatON 2.0 aimed to establish a decentralized data sharing and privacy computing basic network.

In this phase, consumers are provided with the basic elements of computing which are: data, algorithms, and arithmetic power. Having access to these three things alone is putting computation power in the hand of everyone.

Data in this phase is kept locally and is available through secure multi-party computation, federated learning, and other techniques for collaborative computation. The privacy of the data and also the privacy of the computation results such as the completed trained AI models are protected.

This phase connects data owners, data users, algorithm developers, and arithmetic providers. Which is classified into three unique features called

1. Computing power-the owner of computing power

2. Data-data owner

3. Algorithm-Algorithm owner

Implying that the computing power owner is the computing power provider, the data owner is the data provider, and the algorithm owner is the algorithm provider.

But what If a party has no data, no algorithms, no computing power but has task requirements, how do you still operate on the PlatON private computing network?

Phase 2 of PlatON 2.0

The answer to the above question will be the second phase of PlatON 2.0’s product.

This product form-an artificial intelligence market based on a private computing network. Phase 1, the privacy computing network has completed the important mission of “connection”. Phase 2, the artificial intelligence market will further make “connection” become “circulation”.

This phase gives developers the ability to get required resources at a low cost, train AI models, and publish them to the network. Data not only flow in this phase but it is also realized.

It also gives AI services or agents the ability to interact with each other to form a self-organized, collaborative AI network. In this development, anyone can access AI technologies or become a stakeholder in its development, thus fulfilling PlatON’s AGI visions.

The implementation of an AI model makes PlatON unique from all its competitors as It is the only one that provides this service.

This will create an unprecedented super data market that redefines the world of “business”.

“PlatON, the road to the landing of general artificial intelligence network”

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